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Limau, meaning mandarin orange or tangerine, symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and well-being – an essence that permeates our very core. As a parent company of Redacted, an APAC Web 2 business conglomerate, Limau harnesses the power of financial technology to revolutionise investments.

Limau offers a futuristic property investment landscape by integrating Web 3 technology into its established property business. Through our innovative approach, we enable customers to own a percentage of Limau's properties via NFTs, creating a new class of early investment opportunities previously inaccessible to the mass market. With no pricing wars in the Web 3 industry, consumers are empowered as the price setters.

We strive to bridge the gap between Web 2 and Web 3 communities, utilizing blockchain technology to deliver wealth and sustainable returns. Inspired by successful Web 2 IPs like Disney and Bored Ape, we aim to consolidate a group of Web 3 enthusiasts and offer them exclusive perks and access to Malaysia's property industry.